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We've been creating safe spaces for founders to share ideas, learn, collaborate and grow.

Startups for Africa was created to support founders who are interested in creating businesses that support the development of African communities.

We provide a roster of events throughout the year. By partnering with organisations such as Google and Facebook we have connected founders to each other and supported the growth of impactful startups.

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We're Organised

We host multiple events each month to cater to the needs of our community.

We're Connectors

We actively connect community members to each other and foster collaboration.

We're impactful

We are creating a community of founders, experts and consultants who prize social impact.

We're Friendly

We work best collaboratively. This community is a teamwork between us and our members.


Work with highly experienced professionals to de-bug your business strategies.


Attend our research based webinars for early stage founders who need to conquer the idea stage.


We give members of our community the opportunity to showcase their startup at the friendliest demo day ever.


We provide in-depth skill-based classes to help startup teams master the tools they need to build better businesses.

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We can help you build a better business today.

We work with individual founders and team to build better practices into your business to ensure future success.

Interested in having an unbiased sounding board, looking for a guide in your business transition, expanding into a new phase of your work? We can help you. We’ve got startup friendly fixed fees.

Premium members receive 1 free consultation each month.

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We will help you present your business in the most effective way possible.


We will help you navigate the fundraising landscape and figure out the best next step for you.


We will help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan to help you understand your customers

Idea Work

We will help you develop your ideas, narrow your focus and get your startup moving in the right direction.

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