We accept 3 types of written articles.

  1. Interviews. If you have access to an entrepreneur or a professional that you think will inspire and equip our community to achieve even greater things, then this might be the right article type for you. 800-1000 words
  2. How-to short pieces. These are quick guides to achieving something relevant to the health, sustainability and scalability/replicability of startups and initiatives. 300-400 words
  3. Think pieces. These are responses to an event or phenomenon that the writer thinks affects entrepreneurship and development in Africa and the diaspora today. This can relate to any area of life; from culture to innovation and politics or anything inbetween. 700-800 words

Our process is simple. You have to pitch to get in.

Consider the following when sending in your pitch email



  1. We require a 100-150 word outline about the topic you want to cover.
  2. We would like the article to be fully written and submitted within 2 weeks of sending the pitch email.
  3. We want to know who you are; include a short bio. Do you have any relevant experience in the field/sector/demographic that is the subject of your post?


  1. Vlogs should be 5-10 mins long directed to the camera.
  2. We want vlogs to be stories of personal experiences and expressions of thoughts you have had regarding African or diaspora communities.
  3. Please do not ramble on, but do show your personality. We want the videos to be fun and engaging. Don’t rush.
  4. Make sure you are recording in a place where there is no background noise.
  5. Make it visually interesting with a colourful backdrop or a great location.
  6. Sit or stand close to the microphone so it can pick up what you are saying.
  7. If you’re filming on your phone – film in a landscape format.
  8. Don’t swear, be insulting or slanderous.
  9. Don’t add music over the videos. We may choose to add it in post-production.
  10. Record it a few times and send us your favourite one.
  11. Email the recording to us on sfa@doitnownow.com via dropbox.

We are looking forward to reading your pitches and watching your videos, sharing your thoughts and ideas with the rest of our “Startups for Africa” community.